Inspiration from Down Under

Jessica Bakkers

Isn’t it interesting just what inspires words. What creates idea. What germinates a seed that grows into a forest.

I’ve found inspiration – or rather, inspiration has found me – in the everyday world in which I live… or at least my little corner of it.

Inspiration, Australian style;

IMG_1104 Sydney Opera House? Or futuristic sailing barge?

IMG_1109 Sydney Harbour Bridge? Or the perfect place for snipers?

IMG_1576 Darling Harbour? Or a rendezvous for star-crossed lovers?

IMG_2104 A park in Bendigo? Or a haunted meadow in daylight? 

IMG_2098 Historical church? Or an angel’s safe house?

IMG_0771 Surfers Paradise? Or Jaws?

IMG_1207 The Gold Coast? Or a vision of heaven?

IMG_1724 A country town? Or a street frequented by poltergeists?

IMG_1734 Ocean off Torquey? Or the end of the known world? 

IMG_0567 Bicheno Tasmania? Or an alien landscape? 

IMG_1581 A unique dessert? Or a futuristic meal?

So what do you think? Do you see landmarks, cityscapes or sights in your own corner…

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