John Pellow Brisbane, Australia

John Pellow is the owner of Brisbane, Australia’s most dynamic company of auctioneering and sales “STOCK & STATION AUCTIONEERS”. He was born on 10 January 1980 and lives in Brisbane in the State of Queensland, Australia. He went to Brisbane State High School for high school education and then went to the Queensland University of Technology. He has also established his business in the competitive market of Brisbane as he is living in this city.

John Pellow has earned the reputation for his services over his 17 years of professional stock and station auctioneers. His business services include motor vehicle, truck, machinery and livestock auctioneering and sales.

As a director he leads from the front and is responsible to control all business operations. Working as a strategic CEO, he is dedicated in steering the company to the most profitable direction whilst implementing its vision, mission and long term goals.

John Pellow is also an expert end to end sales trainer. He specializes in all business areas from beginning to end points of service. Being the number 1 sales trainer in Australia, he is known for executing end-to-end theory embracing a sales philosophy that optimizes performance and efficiency in the process.

He is also a Business Consultant (Hospitality /Retail) and offers a comprehensive management strategy. He focuses on implementing long term internal procedures to subsequently produce high level results in facets of the company.

With his top class services and experience, his company is counted in the most respected names in the Brisbane, Australia. John Pellow is famous for his co-operative values and professionalism….